About us

Hello, we are ArtGallery - open internet gallery of contemporary artists. Art is our passion. That's why we are trying to make the world simpler and more open.

The idea to make an online-gallery came to us in 2017. We were touched by our friends story about the hardships of an artist on his path to recognition. Since then, we've decided to offer the artists more possibilities for self-realization. After all, an artist is not a marketologist or and entrepreneur. They are first and foremost people of art.

That's why our mission is to make the sale of their creations as simple as possible. And for our customers - provide the same easiness and reliability while shopping and ordering custom artworks. We ship across the entire Europe and there is also the possibility to query the artists for custom artwork, designed specifically to your liking.

We collaborate with multiple art-schools and galleries. Our goal is to transform this site to a full fledged Art platform.

Payment & Delivery

To purchase, select a painting, click "Add to Cart", then go to "Cart" in the lower right corner to create an order and receive an e-mail confirmation.

After creating your order, we will contact the artist to make sure that all the paintings are ready for shipment. If any picture is not ready, we will be forced to exclude it from the order and we will inform you about it. After successful payment, we will send you the pictures.


If you are interested in selling your paintings through our platform, please register and wait for your account to be confirmed by our moderator. Then you can add art works. Please note that the art works must also be confirmed by our moderator.